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As of December 2002
The Final War has now been moved to a new, more reliable server here in Finland. The entire website has been unavailable for some time, therefore I am now happy to publish it again on the Internet.

In the meantime, I have done some substantial cosmetic changes to the original article, The Final War. Since it was rather large, I have decided to divide it into five "chapters". In this way I will also be able to let all the chapters grow independently and hope to be able to present quite a large and detailed text when I am done with them.

There is also a new article on the historical background of the entire Swedish-Finnish union; from the Middle Ages to the Final War 1808. This article also deals with Finland as a Russian Grand Duchy. Work is also progressing on the Battles-page, where the battles of Juthas and Virta Bro are now ready as well. Further, I have done some additional notes on uniforms, trying to simplify matters on uniformology a bit. That one is still under construction.

March 2003
I have added four of the more important seabattles to the battles listing. These are The battles of Rimito Kramp, Sandöström, Grönviksund and Palva Sund. These were engagements fought between the Russian and Swedish galley fleets in the Åbo-Åland archipelago in 1808.

In Swedish
The Final War riktar sig till en internationell publik. Att översätta alla artiklar är tyvärr utanför ramarna för The Final War, men en svensk sammanfattning av 1808-09 års krig finns nu att läsa här!

The Final War was first published online on October 9, 2000. I was building on an idea I had for quite some time, as the representation online for this period in Swedish-Finnish history was very bad indeed. The aim of this website is to tell the history of the war of 1808-09, with an international audience in mind. Therefore the project has been planned and designed to be a part of the Napoleonic web-community. The Final War has articles on important campaigns, battles, events and other things concerning the war. There are a number of biographies as well as uniforms descriptions and illustrations.

E-Mails with comments on this website generally referr to the fact that people seem to appreciate that my pages are beautiful. I am boasting, yes I am! A few words on how my pretty pages are made, should be in order. Firstly, I do not use any HTML-editor, no way. They're all crap, you see. I write all the documents in the excellent text-editor Note Tab Light. This program allows you to have several documents open at one time, which makes work with many documents a lot easier. I write my HTML as simple text. Any text-editor, such as Windows Notes should be sufficient though. The major rule in HTML is to keep things simple, therefore The Final War is not state-of-the art Internet techonology, but rather a simple frames-based website. Finally, the map on the Battles-page was planned and programmed with Mapdesigner. Good luck with your own HTML-ing!

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