The seabattle of Sandöström

August 2-3 1808, R=Friedrich Wilhelm von Buxhoevden S=Önnert Jönsson

As the seawar in the Åbo-Åland archipelago raged on, Russian reinforcements arrived in Åbo. It became a Swedish priority to try and prevent these newly arrived to join up with the Russian seaforces already fighting in the archipelago. The Swedish detached a strong force to Sandöström, where a decisive engagement was to be fought. Already on July 21 a minor engagement was fought in the area as the Swedish were preparing their defenses.

In the morning of August 2, the Russians went to attack the Swedish defensive positions with a considerable force of about 40 boats. The day developed badly for the Swedish defenders and Önnert Jönsson was shot and later died from his wounds. Swedish reinforcements could not arrive due to bad wind conditions and all was a mess. Swedish land troops of about 1000 men that were to support the actions at sea, commenced their battle too late, as the Coastal Navy was already concluding its defeat. The day ended as Buxhoevden himself arrived to celebrate the Russian victory. At this time he was near being taken prisoner by landed Swedish soldiers and had to hastily flee back to his boats.

The next day, the Swedish Coastal Navy made its retreat in good order back to Åland. Although the defeat, the Swedish could still hold the sea, due to the combined activities of the Swedish and British high sea navies. The Russian Baltic Navy was at all times blockaded in Baltischport in Estonia. However, after Sandöström, the Russian forces were much more powerful in the archipelago as they were allowed to join and consolidate.

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