The seabattle of Rimito Kramp

June 30 1808, R=? S=Klas Hjelmstierna

Following the disastrous Swedish landing of troops and their defeat at Lemo, the Swedish Coastal Navy attempted to regain mastery of the Åbo-Åland archipelago. The Russian Coastal Navy was at this time reinforced by the Swedish ships captured at the surrender of Sveaborg. In June, counter admiral Klas Hjemlstierna arrived with additional Swedish reinforcements as well, setting the stage for the seawar in the archipelago that would last all summer.

With no less than 19 gunsloops and four galleys, Hjelmstierna tried to push out the Russians from the waters at Rimito Kramp. However, the Russians had reinforced their positions with land batteries and the Swedish could not commit their full force due to the tight passage. After a hard days fighting, and no decision, the Swedish pulled back and anchored. The next day, they noted that the Russians had already left their positions and retreated overnight. Rimito Kramp can therefore be considered a narrow Swedish victory.

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