The seabattle of Grönviksund

August 30 1808, R=? S=Johan Ludvig Brant

The Russian fleets had now joined up after the Swedish defeat at Sandöström. At all times, the Sweidsh had to hold the waters to the north, to prevent the Russians from operating there as that could threaten the operations on the main army in Österbotten. At the report of Russian ships sailing outside Nystad, Johan Ludvig Brant was sent with 35 boats to secure the waters in the north of the Åbo-Åland archipelago.

On August 30 he encountered a major Russian fleet and engaged it in a six-hour artillery duel. Taking hard losses, the Swedish fleet pressed on their offensive with good winds and finally turned the Russians over. The remaining Russian fleet retreated back south, towards Åbo, with the Swedih pursuing. The pursuit had to be broken at nightfall though. Grönviksund was therefore a major Swedish victory that halted the Russian offensive north.

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