March 31st 2008 All right, it's been a while and some updates are in order. The band is happy to announce that they have received a grant and will be recording a new record before the end of the year. Right now the guys and the gal are writing new material and recording is scheduled to late summer or early fall.
June 5th 2007 Pics from our Turku gig in May are added.
March 20th 2007 The gig at Moody in Pietarsaari has been moved to 21.4.
January 19th 2007
Article on Tumbling Dice published on Read it here.
December 23rd 2006
Tumbling Dice's third EP (No Mercy, No Light) has been released and new gigs during winter/spring are being booked. In the meantime Tumbling Dice wish ya all a Merry Christmas!

October 26th 2006
Our EP has been mixed and mastered successfully. We'll try to get the finished records in time for christmas and have them ready at our gig in Pietarsaari on December 22nd.

September 26th 2006
TD's new EP has been recorded and will be mixed and mastered in October! It took a while but it sure was worth it... The sound is a bit different, let's say this will be the softer side of the band making an entrence. However, stay tuned for updates on the EP and the release gig.

July 5th 2006
The recording of Tumbling Dice's third EP, containing three new songs, has begun. Bass and drums are already put to tape and massive walls of guitars, feedback and tormented vocals will be immortalized in a couple of weeks. Rumour has it that this will be an absolutly fucking awsome record, so stay tuned for updates on the forthcoming of this collectors-item-to-be.

May 2nd 2006
The Faust gig moved to the 12th.

March 16th 2006
Article from Jakobstads Tidning March 13th can be found here

February 23rd 2006
After a not-so-active period we are proud to announce that we've recieved a 1,000€ contribution from Svenska Kulturfonden. This means that a new record will be recorded during summer. At this moment we also have a few upcoming gigs. Time and place to be announced later so keep your eyes open!

October 31st 2005
Interview with Jonathan on Radio X3M tomorrow at 17:15.

September 16th 2005
Summer's gone and as expected the distance between the band members resulted in only one gig being played. This will hopefully be solved as Paati moves to Helsinki and Simon completes his civil service. If these geographical changes results in more gigs is left to see, at least TD kicks off with a gig at Pelimies in Turku on October 1st together with Skin Deep.

June 16th 2005
TD will play a gig at SÖU Rock in July, date still to be confirmed. Since Jonathan's spending his summer in Turku, 400 km from the rest of the band, there are some practical problems with getting gigs. We will however try to play a gig in Turku during summer. Daniel and Jonathan will also play an unplugged cover gig in Pietarsaari in July.

April 23rd 2005
Photos from our second gig at the Turku Bandstand competition added under pictures.

March 6th 2005
We've noticed that there's been trouble downloading our mp3s. We've now moved them to a Finnish site, check 'em out on

March 4th 2005
Tumbling Dice did't make it to the Turku Bandstand final, but hey, that's showbusiness. However, our buddies in Plain Dust did so congrats to them! Thanks to everyone who attended our gigs and voted for us..

February 26th 2005
Since the competition was so tough on the first round of the Turku Bandstand, The judges have decided that The Tumbling Dice will go to the second round. The second round gig is on thursday, March 3rd.
February 23rd 2005
New Homepage launched, hope ya all like the new design. It's still under construction so watch out for new updates...

February 7th 2005
The Turku Bandstand gig went well but unfortunately we didn't make it to the next round. The competition was tough and since the judges couldn't decide, the audience's vote decided the outcome which didn't favour The Tumbling Dice. We got excellent feedback and had a blast though. More gigs to be announced during spring.

January 16th 2005
TD will attend the Turku Bandstand 2005 band competition in Turku this year. The first gig is on February 2nd at Downtown (Linnankatu 17), so get your asses there and vote for us!

December 13th 2004
The Tumbling Dice will play a EP-release gig at Visa Grande in Pietarsaari on December 29th.

December 2nd 2004
Our new EP, titled "Russian Roulette", is finished and is scheduled to be released on December 20th. More info on the record and upcoming gigs to support its release on this very website in the near furture.

October 24th 2004
Hello everybody! We're still alive, Paati's still in the army though -Hajooo. Got the mix of the new record today... Sounds great. It will be mastered and pressed in the following weeks. Just in time for christmas =). Besides that life's as usual. Daniel and Jonathan are in Turku and Simon jerks off in Jeppis. Buy the new record - it's fuckin' fantastic, or somthing... What's better than that? hmmm...Anyway, the new record will have 4 new songs...We´ll tell you when you can buy far so good...peace...

July 25th 2004
A Karelian orphan named Piotr Karivich Chernobyl will be handeling the bass while Paati is away.

July 8th 2004
TD have entered KRS-Studio to record yet another loud rockin' 4-piece EP. Drum and bass tracks are already recorded (Soundwall is washing the blood of his hands after today's session). The rest of the record will be recorded during July after the band's been to Ruisrock-festival to recieved inspiration from Motorhead and Paati's gone military.

June 11th 2004
The Skolparken gig has been moved to June 30th, see you there!

April 25th 2004
We've recieved a 1,000 Euros contribution from Svenska Kulturfonden. The money will be spent on a new EP which will be recorded during summer. A new homepage will also be designed and launched sometime during summer. Other news on the band: Daniel and Jonathan are still studying in Turku, they will both return to Pietarsaari for the summer holidays. We will hopefully do some gigs at different venues before Paati leaves for his military service in July. And Simon Soundwall... Well, he's still hitting drums, hanging 'round chicks and making steel products. See Ya all in summer!

January 20th 2004
Review from Soundi magazine added under Reviews.

January 7th 2004
Happy New Year to ya all... The Tumbling Dice are still alive although the geographic distance between the band members causes problems with rehearsals. We're working on getting more gigs this year and hopefully you'll soon see us in action on a smoky rock club near you. In the meantime you can check out the pictures from our latest gig in Turku under live pics. We're also planning on updating the homepage layout in the near future. Rock on...

September 27th 2003
Pretty drunk TD reherseal in Turku. Gig at Downtown in Turku confirmed for 29.10, come and check it out!

September 15th 2003
More live and backstage pictures from the legendary gig in Närpes added to the live and misc pictures sections!

August 30th 2003
Don Diablo and El Magifico are back in Turku City, this summer's gigs are performed and the EP, titled Sellout On Salvation Street, is recorded. It will be released in a few weeks and coming to a store near you! If not you can order it on the homepage. Already you can download sound clips in the downloads section. Stay tuned for further information.

July 13th 2003
LIDSTOCK: Due to misunderstandings between the Lidstock crew and the band, Tumbling Dice won't perform at this years Lidstock Festival.
THE EP: Four ass kicking tracks have been recorded with Tom Källström and Hank The Rock Dog. The vocal recordings are not yet finished but will be in a couple of weeks.

June 25th 2003
Tonights Popstop City Sounds Gig at Skolparken in Jakobstad will be partially broadcasted by Radio X3M. The Tumbling Dice enter the stage at 7:45 PM. Other bands to perform are The Bad Habit, Penelope, The Mummah Brothers and Leopold Delloria.

June 20th 2003
Daniel and Paati will be radio interviewed on June 25th, so tune in to Radio Extrem at 9AM!

June 16th 2003
The Tumbling Dice will soon enter the studio and hopefully create a masterpiece EP that will shock the world... Stay tuned for updates on the EP! A couple of gigs has been confirmed for summer. The Tumbling Dice hits the road next wednesday when playing their first gig at the Skolparken in Pietarsaari. Check the gigs section for updates on the "2003 summer tour".

April 7th 2003
New Photos in the Pictures section!

March 16th 2003
As you may (or may not) have noticed our homepage has been updated and re-designed. Hope you like it...

February 8th 2003
We're still alive, rocking and kicking ass. Some new material has been made, will be rehearsed during spring and performed during summer when Daniel and Jonathan returns to Jakobstad for summer break. Our e-mail adress has been down for some time and is temporarily replaced with Jonathan's personal e-mail. Rock on!

August 2nd 2002
In a couple of months, Daniel and Jonathan will be moving to Turku and begin studying. This may cause a somewhat low profile during the following weeks... WEBMASTER: I want to point out that I'm aware of this site looking like shit right now. Soon we'll hopefully have some new photos of the band and new graphics to prevent the visitors from getting a headache every time they go here!

July 2002
Whole band now civilians and the homepage is under construction! The boys are back in town...

March 2002
Jonas "Dadel" Asplund has decided to take a break during the rest of his military service. He will be replaced with Patrik "Paati" Salmi.

July 9th 2001
Daniel, Jonathan and Jonas head for the army, resulting in a short break for The tumbling Dice. Hopefully, We'll be back in January when Daniel becomes a civilian again!

May 25th 2001
The first offical gig as opening act for Altaria at Tupis in Pietarsaari...

May 21st 2001
Tumbling Dice enters the Steiron Studio in order to record their very first masterpiece - a brand new CD-singel...

April 2001
Rock/punk band Solvent is officially dissolved... Daß, Dadel and Bright form The Tumbling Dice together with drummer Simon "The Ground wall" Grundvall, in order to spread the message:
Loud and Dirty Rock'n'roll isn't dead!

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