About The Tumbling Dice


The Tumbling Dice is a rock band from Pietarsaari, Finland. Jonathan Isaksson (lead vocals and guitars) and Daniel Salmi (guitar) had already played together in earlier projects when they teamed up with Simon Grundvall (drums) in 2001. A line up change the next year led to the addition of Patrik Salmi (bass).

Combining each memberís taste in music (varying from Ď60s folk rock to heavy metal) with Jonathanís melancholy, Danielís melodic guitar-playing, Simonís hard-rock-attitude and Patrikís groove, Tumbling Dice created a dark and angst-driven, yet melodic rock sound. In 2007, the band got a new member in Charlotta Kerbs (backing vocals) which further defined the band's musical direction. Evolving from the early post-punk garage rock of their first EP (Sellout on Salvation Street, 2003) to the darker vibes of the second (Russian Roulette, 2004) and the more melodic third EP (No Mercy No Light, 2006), the dice keep on tumbling.

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