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It took us 6 months to get the parts that we needed for the Aladdin 23, but now we have them and here is a manipulated picture consisting of the left part taken when it was dark, and the right part when the lights was on.

We found this Hasag and a second one of the same model by mistake. We managed to buy them both and the lantern on this picture we have already tested and it works very good. The other one we traded for a Coleman 220J.

Here we are pre-heating one of our newly bought Radius 119 lanterns for the first time. We were a little bit conserned at this moment, but as soon as we noticed that it worked well, we dared to smile again.

Here we are making coffee on a Radius 119 on June 22 in a tent.It took us quite a while because we made 8 cups, but the coffee tasted very good.

After some work, we got the other Radius 119 in working condition too, and were very pleased with this one also.

Here Per-Henrik is having a beer on June 22 2001. The lantern to the left is a Radius 119 with a shade and a side reflector, in the middle a Primus stove and a to the right a Hasag. We will have to get someone else to take our photos so that we both can be on the picture at the same time. We asked one of our English friends how to be sure to get a beer and not a bear when ordering in England (as you know, we Finns don't always have the correct pronouncing) and he answered "It's easy, in England you cannot buy a bear...". Well, here in Finland we can. The brand of the beer on the picture is Karhu, which is the Finnish word for bear...