Light Bringer

More Pictures

Because someone asked us what a "gazebo" is, we decided to put in a picture of the gazebo. You will also find pictures from our lanterns in use.

As this page became so slow to download, we have splitted it into different pages. The latest pictures are on the latest pages.

This is the "gazebo" that we wrote about on the "About Us" page. The picture is taken 28.10.2000 and the first snow is on the ground. Those of You that have good eyes, might see a glimse of the Tower lantern throught the door window (upper right corner). This is the place where we are testing the lanterns. If it is not raining or snowing, we are on the outside, otherwise we test them in the gazebo.

This is the Hasag 42 when we tried it out for the very first time. Notice that the light is slightly "yellowish". We have now located the problem, and corrected it. The air gap between the nipple and the mixing tube was a little too small, and because of that, there was not enough air for the mantle to light up to 100 percent.

Here we are preheating the Petromax 822 lantern for the first time. We did not manage to light it up yet though. Every time we tried, there was a "pfhupppp" sound immediately after the preheating stopped. This lanterns nozzle looks slightly different than the others we have, and appearently there has been a metallic mesh in it to prevent the flames from going into the tube. As soon as we get new mantles, we will try to put in a mesh and restart it.

This picture is not good, but it was the only one from when we tried the Petromax 828 rapid for the first time. We have inserted a frosted globe in this one in order to get a light that is not too bright, and it seems to work. The former owner of the lantern, bought it in 1941 or 1942, and he had converted it into electric, but now it is in the condition it should have been all the time.