Here are some pages from where You can obtain more information about this special interest. In case some of the links don´t work any more, please inform us about it, and we will try to find out why...

Be-Back-Later Bart Meijer's homepage, where You can buy new and used lanterns and stoves. New to the site is the FORUMS
Jörgens Hemsida

Jörgen Svensson's homepage, from which you can find great pictures of his pressure stoves, blowtorches, pressure lanterns amongst his other hobbies.

Swedlamp Swedlamp, the homepage of Magnus Thilander with pictures of lanterns, stoves, and other information, for example, how to light a lantern.
Doron Papo's Lantern Site Doron Papo's site with great pictures of his lantern collection, as well as great history about for instance Petromax. He has also continued with Mike Bucklers work on keeping international fuel names updated on the same site. Check out the names from this site, as well as take a look at our "Fuels" page.
Dutch Stove Collectors Rien and Jan van Smeerdijk are brothers and Lisa van Smeerdijk-Morsch is married to Jan. Together they have this great page with stoves and lanterns.
Pressure Lamps Unlimited
If You don´t find Your lamp from this place, it has to be very unusual...
Stuga Cabana
Has some good information about Petromax, but in German. Also links to other useful places
The homepage of Optimus in Sweden.
The homepage of Primus in Sweden
Try searching for the lantern You want information about from here
English Custom Polishing
Polishing help from these pages
Terry Marsh
Nice homepage with many lanterns
International Guild of Lamp reaserch
Here You can ask everything about kerosene lamps and lanterns
Ross Mellows kerosene stove collection. Lots of pictures.
Have lots of spares that for lanterns and other kerosene products.
Tilley International Plc Tilley International Plc has a Direct Mail Order Service at Frimley, they also accept credit cards..
Bairstow Brothers Ltd The famous Vapalux lanterns are made at Bairstow Brothers Ltd. Here you can get hold of one...
Skeeves Pressure Lanterns David have been collecting lanterns since about 1992 and has a lot to show on his website. Also useful information (by Neil McRae) for Tilley owners...
Roland Loos Homepage The homepage of Roland Loos from Germany. Petromax lanterns, and pictures from the lanterns in use... This page is now also in ENGLISH, and has new pictures.
Tower Homepage We finally found the homepage to the makers of Tower brand pressure lanterns, and they have blowlamps too.. .
SeaAnchor page And here is a homepage about the Sea Anchor Pressure Lanterns by Olaf Reinike. The link to the Anchor page was dead so I put in this instead...
Santromax and Petromax Homepage The original Petromax is still made, but now in China at a factory that also makes Santromax and Santrax pressure lanterns...(this link doesn't seem to work at this moment, but we will let it be here for a while).
Wim Van der Velden Wim Van der Velden lives in the Netherlands and has a homepage about his pressurelanterns (and lots of other stuff...)
KeroLamps Robert Aernout has this homepage where he sells wick lamps. It's worth visiting in case You look for something special. If the link doesn't work, try
Shinzo Kono Mr Shinzo Kono has a splendid homepage, where there are lots of pictures of lanterns. The quality of the pictures is very high.
Lantern Collection Website Rodney Meyer had a homepage with information about Coleman and pictures of Coleman lanterns, but this seems to have vanished. But here is a new link. Also links to other lantern related websites
Hans Thörnblad Hans Thörnblad is collecting blowtorches. This is a wonderful page with history about the same factories that also made our pressure lanterns. Nice pictures.
The Stove Collection Terje Johansen is colleting stoves and here you will find a good list of manufacturers in alphabetic order and also pictures.
Pay Pal Sign up for Pay Pal when you want to pay anyone with an e-mail address. Good way to pay each other for lanterns, or for instance on the E-bay.

Anders Willmans homepage
With information about DX-ing and Winemaking
Glass Art Tiina Willman (married to Anders) has a homepage with glass vases made by Riihimäen Lasi