We hope that this page will be of use for someone. We found out that there is lots of confusion between different fuelnames in different countries.

For instance, in the U.K. people talk about "paraffin" when they mean the fuel that Americans call "kerosene". Paraffin or parafin, is in swedish and finnish the thing you put under your skis in order to get them to run faster, so it is not appropriate to put that in a kerosene lantern or lamp.

This fueltable needs the following explanation.

1. This is the fuel used in for instance Aladdin and other wicklamps, as well as in pressurelamps of Petromax type.

2. The fuel we run our cars on (not Diesel). Nowadays most cars use fuel without led, but standard "gas" is still available.

3. This is the fuel used in Coleman "Gas" lanterns, also named Coleman Fuel. It should be about 60% Hexane and 40% Heptane.

4. Different spirits used to pre-heat petromax or other kerosene pressure lanterns with.

U.S.A & Canada Kerosene Gasoline, "Gas" "Coleman Fuel", White gas, Naphta, Blazo Denatured Alcohol, Solvent Alcohol
U.K. Paraffin Petrol "Coleman Fuel" Methylated spirit, "meths"
Argentina Kerosene Nafta sin Plomo

??? , ("Coleman fuel"?)

Alcohol de quemar (=denaturalized alcohol) or Alcohol medicinal (=pharmaceutical alcohol).
Australia Kerosene, "kero" Petrol Shellite, Mobilite, White gas Methylated spirit, "meths", "metho"
Austria Petroleum Bleifrei Reinigunsbenzin Brennspiritus
Finland Valopetroli (finnish), Lyspetroleum, (swedish) Bensiini ( finnish), bensin (swedish) Kevytbensiini (finnish), lättbensin (swedish), puhdistusbensiini (finnish), rengöringsbensin (swedish), erikoisbensiini 80-110 (finnish), specialbensin 80-110, (swedish)

denaturoitu alkohooli, denaturerad alkohol.

Brand names are for instance SINOL or MARINOL

Germany Petroleum, Paraffinol, Petrol, Lampenoel Benzin, Bleifrei, Auto-Benzin, Superbenzin Kocherbenzin, Feuerzeug Benzin, Katalyt Benzin, Reinigungsbenzin, Reinbenzin, Fleckenbenzin, Wundbenzin Spiritus, Brennspiritus, Methyl Alkohol
Holland Petroleum, Lampen-Olie Benzine, Super, Loodvrij, Normal 16 Wasbenzine, "Coleman Fuel" Spiritus, Brand Spiritus, Alcohol
Japan Toh-yu Gasoline White gas, "Coleman Fuel" Nen-ryo yoh, Alcohol
New Zealand Kerosene Petrol White Spirit, Shellite, Callite, Britolite, Pegasol Methylated Spirits
Norway Parafin Bensin Renset Bensin, Heptan, Katlyt Bensin Rod-Sprit
South Africa +Zimbabwe Paraffin Petrol Benzine Methylated spirits, "meths"
Sweden Fotogen, T-gul, Tändvätska, lysfotogen Blyfri bensin, bensin Rengörings bensin, Industribensin, Kemiskt ren Bensin, Statoil miljö T-sprit, T-röd, Metanol

More of these names and countries You will find on the URL: http://ultralight-hiking.com/fuelnames.html . We hope that they don't feel bad if we searched their homepage.

What more can we say, if You ask for "bleifrei", or "blyfri" when You need petrol, gasoline for Your car, You will get the version that is without "led", so You better check that Your car can run on that fuel.

In Finland it appearently is possible to find "Coleman Fuel" at the SHELL gas station in Kilpisjärvi (that is in the northern "hand" of Lappland), but we didn´t manage to check it out. But the "Special bensin 80-110" we managed to find at SHELL in Jakobstad, it is also possible that You can find it elsewhere. It is the same fuel that You can buy at a pharmacy, but there it costs You four times more.

Be careful not to mix the two fuels "white spirit" with "white gas". In some places they mean the same but in other places You will get some kind of turpentine substitute or thinner if You ask for "white spirit".

Correct us if we are wrong, but appearently Coleman "gas" lanterns will run very good on the same fuel as You put in Your cars as long as it is without led, (in other words, "bleifrei", "blyfri"). You'd better check it out before You try.