Light Bringer update information

It seemed to be a good thing, to inform people what updates have been made on these pages, so that no one has to surf trough the hole site trying to find out what we have changed.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten some updates, so here are only the newest ones.


02.04.2007 Put in some new pictures on the stove page.(Photos->Stoves)
Changed the guestbook so that more than 50 messages can be viewed. Notice that there is also a security system on the guestbook so there will be no automatic spam there.
06.04.2007 Put in this "Updates" page.
09.04.2007 Inserted the link to Doron Papo's International Fuel names site to the list of links. Also put in a link to the oil lamp history in Jakobstad.
15.04.2007 Put in a new picture on the Blowtorches page.
18.04.2007 Added picture and video of Rex stove burning


Changed a writing error on the Photos page (it said Optimus 108 when it was an Radius 108), thank you for letting us know "fotogenfreak".


Put in a couple of new stovepictures on the stove page and a new lantern on the photos section.


A couple of new pictures to the Moore4 page.

02.09.2007 A new Aladdin 23 added to the Photos page. Some new pictures added to the stove pages.
03.09.2007 A brass Optimus 930 added to the Photos page.
09.09.2007 A Ginge stove added to the Stove page.
15.07.2008 A nickel plated Optimus 1200 with shade added to the Photos page, and a couple of pictures to the More pictures pages.
14.01.2009 Added the "Tasku Nuotio" stove and the Primus 2243 stove to the stove page.
26.01.2009 Added the Fire-Maple FMS-105 stove to the stove pages.
05.02.2009 Added the Tilley KL-80 lamp to the Photos page.
06.02.2009 The red Tilley X246B added to the Photos page.
01.11.2010 Moved the pages to another server.
02.11.2010 Got the Domain name attached to the site. It is now easier to find us at
05.11.2010 Connected the site to Facebook also