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After solving a few sudoku games I came to the conclusion that this is the job for computers, not humans. So I made a simple sudoku generator and solver just for fun. Here is the source: sudoku.h sudoku.cpp. The generated games should be okay for sudoku beginners. Here is the generator wrapped in a simple windows application that can print the games on A4 paper: Sudoku print

3D Studio department

While developing several 3D-engines, I have spent much time reverse engineering the native file format used by 3D Studio R4. 3D-animations was created and edited with 3D Studio R4 and saved in the 3ds-file format. My 3D-engine could then import the 3ds-files and replay the animations in real-time. Today however, 3D Studio R4 has been replaced by more modern tools such as 3D Studio Max.

Here is the 3ds loader in C/C++ I made for the DSYS demo system:

I have also ported some 3ds loader code to Java:
mri.v3ds - A 3D Studio 3ds-file loader in Java

Affine texture mapping

I have written two documents about affine texture mapping using software rendering. The documents deals a lot with optimizations of the inner loops in Assembly. Software rendering is today obsolete, but the documents might be interesting to read anyway.

The first document: fatmap.txt
The second document: fatmap2.txt (source code)
A HTML version of fatmap2 at is available here.

Old programs

Everybodey has to start somewhere in their programming career. Below are some of the first programs I made. The programs are meant for DOS and many of them uses Mode-X as graphics mode. Thus, you may need to reboot Windows into DOS mode if they are not running smoothly. (If you are paranoid over getting viruses on your computer, simply don't download the programs)

1994. A rotating 3D object: ring.exe (29 kB)
1994. 3D scene with two gears: gear.exe (31 kB)
1995. Magnifying lens: magnify.exe (40 kB) (42 kB)
1995. Just an interesting effect: redsmoke.exe (12 kB) (16 kB)
1995. Raycasting. Use arrow keys to stear: raydemo.exe (50 kB)
1995. A mandelbrot fractal iterator in 256 byte: (assembly source)
1996. Phong shading in text mode: psit.exe (26 kB) psit.txt