mri.v3ds -- A 3D Studio 3ds-file loader in Java

Copyright (c) 2001 by Mats Byggmästar

This applet demonstrates the mri.v3ds package -- a 3D Studio R4 3ds-file loader in Java. The package is intended to be used for importing 3D animations, created with 3D Studio R4, into a 3D engine. The mri.v3ds package does not load every single data chunk from the 3ds-file, only the chunks that I consider important and have needed in my previous real-time 3D engines.

The toplevel class, Scene3ds, parses the input 3ds-file and builds a memory image of it, using the various classes; Mesh3ds, Camera3ds, Vertex3ds, TexCoord3ds, etc. While the file is being parsed, textural decode of the data can be extracted. The parameters not decoded are shown as hex bytes. The below applet decodes and displays the text from the two sample 3ds-files in a TextArea.

Due to security mechanisms in Java, this applet can only decode the sample 3ds-files from this site, not local files on your computer. Sorry.

Applet source:
mri.v3ds package: mri-v3ds.jar (source code not public at the moment)
mri.v3ds documentation: API
Sample 3ds-file: objects.3ds
Sample 3ds-file: jelyfish.3ds