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Estonia, History:

Passenger - car ferry Viking Sally was built for Sally-shipping company or Rederi Ab Sally, Mariehamn (Finland) to be managed by sales company Viking Line.

Viking Sally 1980 - 1990

The ship was built at the Jos. L.Meyer shipyard in Papenburg.
The launching happened on 26.4.1980. She was in traffic on 2.7.1980.

Viking Sally was named by Mrs. Anna Johansson. The ship came to Mariehamn 2.7.1980 .The maiden voyage from Turku (Finland) to Stockholm (Sweden) took place on 5.7.1980.

On 20.10.1981 at 02.25 the ship collided with a spar-boy Rågrund in the southern part of Aland archipelago.

On 25.10.1982 the ship had a bottom contact in Turku. A helicopter picked up men from a boat and the sea.

Almost run ashore on the island of Yxla in Stockholm archipelago on 1.9.1983 due to a propeller damage.

Run on rocks on 23.5.1984 at 14.29 by Hjulgrund north by Föglö Aland archipelago.

Propeller damage on 2.4.1985 between Turku and Stockholm. 4 hours late.

The ship helped 19 motor boaters on 5.11.1988 at 19:00, and the ships own motorboat saved one boater in hard wind North east by Stockholm. The ship itself got driven on rocks. Propeller and rudder damage.
Captain Håkan Karlsson was later praised for his acting by the Mariehamn Sea Court.

Silja Star

Viking Sally vas sold to Effoa on 21.12.88, and Rederi Ab Sally rented it back unmanned until 1990.
Sold on 15.12.1989 from Effoa to Partrederiet för Viking Sally and Vasabåtarna.

Collided in thick fog with a fishing boat by Hackoma beacon outside Mariehamn on 27.12.89 at 15:00. Two men overboard. Both saved by the ships boat.

Viking Sally renamed on 20.4.1990 temporarily 1990 on Silja Lines line Turku - Stockholm with the name SILJA STAR.

Picture of Wasa King

Arrived to Vasa on 12.2.1991 and made the first trip with the name WASA KING on 15.2.1991.
Sold to Vasabåtarna on 1992, then to Effdo 3 Oy to be operated by Wasa Line.

Sold in October 1992 to the Swedish - Estonian company for 320 million Skr.
Moved to the line Tallinn - Stockholm on 01.01.1993, managed by Nordström & Thulin AB and Estonian Shipping Co. Renamed to ESTONIA.

Capsized and sunk in storm 35 km South west of Utö in the Baltic Sea 28.09.1994 ~ 02:00. 852 lives lost, 137 rescued.

Handbill and Timetable 1995!

Valid to April 30, 1995

The Last Handbill and Timetable for
(Never officially released)

"We take you on a cruise that isn't like all other cruises.
You will arrive to Tallinn, the newest and most exciting resort in the Baltic."
"Welcome on a easterly voyage different from others."

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