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She was expected to Sweden the next morning around 09:30.

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The weather was rough with rain, winds of 20 - 25 m/s and waves up to 5 meters high. According to the passengers the atmosphere onboard was good and relaxed even if the ship rolled and thumped its way against the seas. The speed was relatively high to keep the timetable.
The former captain from the time when the ship was named Wasa King, captain Bo Brink said after the disaster
- "It was a good ship, a top vessel. We can't understand how this could happen."

A picture from the Alacarte restaurant


On the other hand Sakari Kleimola, the former chef mate, said:
- "The Estonia was not really that suitable for sea traffic. She was not even designed like a ship, rather more like a trunk, and travelling with her especially in side winds was not that comfortable."

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