Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

NameSimon John Harald Finne
OccupationStudying Engineering Physics at Chalmers
Driver's licenseAB
Pilot's licensePPL (Single Engine Prop)


Elementary schoolGrade 1-6: Kyrkoby skola, Sandsund, Pedersöre
Grade 7-9: Oxhamns skola, Pietarsaari
Upper secondaryInternational Baccalaureate, Vasa övningsskola, Vaasa
MilitaryReserve Officer School, course 220
Misc20 study weeks Advanced C++ programming (MVC, UML, ...) at Swedish Polytechnics, Vaasa
Leadership course at ILPU
CurrentlyStudying at Chalmers University of Technology, Engineering Physics

Spoken and written languages



Programming languages

FluentC++, C, Objective C, Java, Basic (a variety of dialects)
FamiliarPython, Pascal, PowerPC assembler, x86 assembler, Z80 assembler

Operating Systems

MacOS X, MacOS (7-9), Unix (GNU/Linux, Minix, SunOS, Darwin), Windows, DOS

Programming topics

3DSeveral years of software rendering experience, OpenGL, raytracing
NetworkBSD sockets in Unix & win32 systems, experience solving latency-related problems in realtime client-server applications
Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence in general, specifically supervised learning feedforward backpropagation Artificial Neural Networks
PhysicsRigid body dynamics simulation
GUIGood Classic MacOS and Cocoa (MacOS X) API knowledge
WWWLong experience of creating webshops and other dynamic web content, using any combination of: C++, PHP, MySQL, Java. Also familiar with ASP and .NET

Employment / Contract working

Prime PR & Marketing1997-1998, Java applet programming and consulting. Pietarsaari.
Chydenius Institute1999, e-commerce site development, CGI programming and consulting. Kokkola.
EkoInternet OY2000-2002, Maintenance and further development of e-commerce system developed at Chydenius, also further general technology consulting. Pietarsaari.
UPM Kymmene, Walki WisaSummer 2004, IT support and reimplementation of some old applications for new platforms


Available upon request