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NameSimon John Harald Finne
OccupationStudying Engineering Physics at Chalmers
Curriculum Vitaehere


My two main interests in life are technology in general, specifically computer programming, and flying. As long as I can remember I've been dreaming about flying, and right now I am finally taking my pilot's license at AeroKlubben. Earlier I have also done some paragliding.

A special part of computer programming I've been interested in is programming demos, when I started programming it was mostly because I wanted to be able to make my own games. Making demos is a great way to learn about technologies that could be used in games, and it's also lots of fun. Further down on this page you will find a number of demos I've produced for the Macintosh platform.

I also have many years of experience programming CGI (interactive webpages) and have familiarized myself with many other areas where software is used (network programming, physics simulations, artificial intelligence, graphical user interfaces). I am available for contract work in almost any area of programming, for more details see my Curriculum Vitae.

When not high up in the air or in front of a computer I enjoy snowboarding, riding motocross or mountainbikes, listening to music or just spending time together with good friends.


A small selection of computer software I have produced.
Renoise logo Renoise
Renoise is a FastTracker-like music tracker. I did the initial Mac OS X version of the application, although I am not involved in the project any more. Visit The Renoise homepage for more information.
Arid screenshot Arid
Released: 2001
Arid is a demo for MacOS 8/9, although it also runs fine in Classic on MacOS X. It was my entry to the iQuest 2001 competition. You can download it here or here, it was the winning entry.


(links to those that I know have homepages)

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Julien Aubert
Jonas Byström
Tom Wik
Henrik Klinkmann
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