The death of Duncker

And the pure shining honour,
his love made him grasp it,
the warm flame of his heart.
To the soil of his birth he swore allegiance,
to it, like a bride or mother.
He dared his all, -
with this love he became great.

He fell, and yet; what a great destiny
to die like him, then you would have
your life covered in glory!
That is to defy the bitter lake of being forgotten,
to be lifted like an island,
from the depths of it;
that is to die, and yet not die.


That the memory when this day
Duncker's name is mentioned, like I,
can proud to you turn
and say; look how it smiled
the land that received the love of the hero;
say, can it turn hearts on fire?
It was for this bride he died!

(The death of Duncker from Fänrik Ståls Sägner by Runeberg. Free translation by Göran Frilund)

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