Orders of Battle 1808-09

Barclay de Tolly's Corps at the end of May 1808

Commanded by Lieutenant General Barclay de Tolly: 7.000 men

The Swedish garrison at Sveaborg (Surrendered May 3, 1808)

Swedish forces at Sveaborg: ca 6.000 men
Commanded by Admiral Carl Olof Cronstedt.

The Swedish army in Finland May-June 1808

Commander in Chief Field Marshal W. M. Klingspor

General C. J. Adlercreutz

Colonel J. A. Sandels

The Battle of Oravais, Sept 14, 1808

Swedish forces at Oravais: 5500 men
Field Marshal Wilhelm Mauritz Klingspor (commander of the Swedish-Finnish troops in Finland, but left over the command to Carl Johan Adlercreutz at Oravais).

Wachtmeister's expedition in Northern Sweden August 1809
General Gustaf Wachtmeister

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