The action at Revolax

April 27 1808, R=Michail Leontjevitsch Bulatov, S=Johan Adam Cronstedt.

After their victory at Siikajoki, the weak Swedish commander klingspor continued his retreat with the main army towards Oulu, vigorously followed by the Russians. At Revolax village a Russian force under Bulatov had taken up positions and Cronstedt prepared an assault to drive them out. With a force of 1.800 men Cronstedt advanced during the night between April 26-27. To the north the Swedish could hear the sound of musketry, as Adlercreutz was fighting a Russian advance guard. Adlercreutz broke off the assault though.

But Cronstedt, with the Fourth Brigade, prepared for the battle of the next day. Bulatov and his Russian troops had taken positions in the village. The Mohilev regiment was there and also the Perm regiment. They had three guns along. In the morning of April 27, the Swedish attacked, on two equally strong columns: The right column being led by Gustav Aminoff (with two battalions of Savolax inf. regt, third battalion of Savolax Jäger regt, Second battalion of Karelian Jäger corps, as well as two 3-pound guns.); and the left column by Lt. Col. Adolf Ludwig Christiernin (with two battalions of Savolax Infantry regt, first battalion of Savolax Jäger regt, and first battalion of Karelian jäger corps - these also with two 3-pound guns.).

The Right Swedish column swept away all Russian opposition and advanced on the eastern side of the river up to the village. At the same time the left column was forming for attack on the priestly mansion where Bulatov had his commandplace and where he had collected all his troops. The mansion was a hard nut to crack; the Russians gave fierce resistance as the Swedish advanced. At ten in the morning, the Swedish troops had to storm the mansion, and a bloody battle commenced.

When the fighting was over 94 Swedes had died and over 600 Russian soldiers were either captured, wounded or killed. The victory at Revolax finally ended the first retreat. Klingspor, although cautious and sceptic, ordered a counter offensive southwards. The brigade commanded by Sandels, called the Savolax Brigade, of which Cronstedt's troops were parts, went on to fight a bloody war in the eastern parts of Finland. Yet, soon it was Sandel's newly formed 5th Brigade that was to take up resistance in those parts of the country. The Swedish counter offensive had nonetheless begun, an offensive that would last all summer 1808.

The Fourth Brigade at Revolax April 27, 1808
gen. Johan Adam Cronstedt - all in all 1.800 troops

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