The action at Ratan

August 20 1809, R=Nikolai Kamenskij S=Gustaf Wachtmeister

Following the humiliating defeat at Sävar, Wachtmeister retreated in disorder back to Ratan, where the Swedish Coastal Navy, commanded by Admiral Johan Puke, waited for him. Kamenskij was not late to follow though, and immediately threw his forces at the Swedish, who were regrouping.

This time, Kamenskij was not in luck though. The guns of the Swedish ships, as well as land batteries opened up a deadly fire on the advancing Russians, causing them serious trouble. The fire was so intense that it caused widespread damage, not only to the Russian columns, but also on Ratan village and the terrain surrounding it. Kamenskij soon had to give up the attack.

The next day negotiations were started, where Kamenskij was in better luck. The Swedish army shipped out to Umeå two days later. Ratan was the battle that ended the Swedish campaign in northern Sweden, and with it, the entire war.

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