The action at Lemo

June 19-20 1808, R=Friedrich Wilhelm von Buxhoevden S=Ernst von Vegesack

Under the protection of the Coastal Navy, 2000 Swedish troops are landed at Lemo in southern Finland and their goal is to liberate the city of Åbo from Russian control. The operation starts out well for the Swedes, who land on the 19th of June and advance a few kilometres north. Able to see the towers of the town of Åbo, they are engaged by Russian forces. The Russians do not hesitate to organize the defence and 3600 troops are concentrated at Åbo. Soon the Swedish meet hard resistance and are forced to pull back south and evacuate on the ships they came. Yet during the battle the situation was at one point very serious for the Russians and Buxhoevden had already prepared to evacuate the town of Åbo. On a nearby hill, the citizens of Åbo gathered to witness the action, which did not make the Russians happier, as they feared a rebellion in the city. Vegesack returned on his ships to Åland islands and a seawar in the Åbo-Åland archipelago commenced. Russian losses were reported at 300 men, while Swedish were just over 200.

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