The action at Kauhajoki

August 10 1808, R=Schepeljeff S=Georg Carl von Döbeln

While the main Swedish army was standing still after the victory of Lappo and Klingspor tried to decide on the further development of the operations, Döbeln met up with a Russian force at Kauhajoki. The following battle was to be one of Döbeln's most important victories.

At Kauhajoki he charged a superior Russian force and made it retreat. And once again legend tells us about his hot temper and cold bravery. After having witnessed the Russian cruelty towards the population and peasants of the Kauhajoki region, Döbeln and his troops performed a splendid deed of arms in the battle that followed. "It was executed like on the field of exercise", one eyewitness told. And when the Russians came through the first line, Döbeln got up on a nearby milestone and shouted to them: "Run to hell, you lousy! And receive your reward! Here I stand and shall fall! Here you see my monument!".

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