Fishing, that´s Helena´s favourite occupation from May to October!

 In Gertruds (16 kilometres north from Jakobstad) we have good fishing waters. Helena use nets as well as rods and she can stay in the boat for hours and hours.

This was a big one! Weight unknown, but length was 90 centimeters, so it must have been something around 6-7 kilos. Not bad!

She caught the old beast in May 2006 and look how proud she is!



Gertruds in August. The weather might be sunny, but not always warm, so Helena´s got good clothing for every occation. Pike is her number one fish, and in the summer of 2001 she stopped counting after 70. Some are small, other are big. If you´re lucky you can get one of up to 10 kilo! But already one of 3-4 kilo is a very nice one. And there´s nothing that beats fighting with a struggling pike.....

Checking the nets late in the evening. No big catch this time, but sometimes there will be a lot of pinches, breams and an occational roach (a fish that only the cats will eat....)

The nets need to be cleaned up now and then, because the waters of Gertruds are very shallow and there´s a lot of rubbish that stuck into the nets. After cleaning the nets they are hanged up to dry.

In July the weather is usually warm and when the evening is calm even Anders can be found in the boat, although fishing is not his cup of tea. But on the other hand, who can resist a bottle of champagne....


This beast Helena caught in late summer of 2002. It´s weight was 5 kilo and our son David, who is an educated restaurant cook, was called upon to cut us some great filets! Most of them were later on eaten by our cats.... They love owen baked pike.

Helena mostly cleans up the fish as soon as she´s got it in the boat.
What an ugly head....
....and what a big mouth!