Video clips of the TAE-8450 and TAN-8550 Peak Power Meters in action:
Im001469.avi  (showing the effect of Vu, Peak, Peak Hold, Meter Sensitivity +20db)
Im001451.avi (PPM of both the TAE-8450 and TAN-8550-barely in action)
Im001500.avi (again both PPMs pushing out a couple of watts)

Scanned material from brochures etc:

Marantz 1989 brochure (in Finnish). These are only portions of the brochure.
Front page and introduction
Analog amplifiers
Compact disc players
Music Link cables

Vintage Sony related stuff
Review of  the TAE-8450 in High Fidelity Magazine, March 1975
Review of the TAN-8550 in High Fidelity Magazine, July 1975
Some pages I scanned from a 1976 German Sony brochure
Specifications from 1976
TAE-8450 brochure
TAN-8550 brochure

Hifi links:

The Vintageknob - Axel's vintage audio homepage, also including some Sony VFET information.  - excellent resource for the most important hifi brands and their equipment that have made it to the audio history. You can translate the page into English with

Samuel Mikkola 6.7.2009