SAG16: Television in Eternia

Now it has come to be less action and time for the break! And what is better break than television!? NOTHING!

SAG15: Cooking with Grizzlor
Hairy Chef Grizzlor is manager of restaurant! He invites boss Skeletor to have a snack! Whatever will he cook? Uh oh! Skeletor is having issues with his bowel movements! Surely Grizzlor is the one to blame!

SAG14: The Rigorous Shindig
He-Man, Roboto and good King Randor are celebrating their reunion! Oh no! Man-At-Arms is wounded! Where is Teela? Skeletor is the obvious villain! A hard party ensues filled with shock and awe!

SAG13: Educational Television
Skeletor has purchased a new TV. He is currently enjoying a very informative television show. He-Man ambushes Skeletor! Oh no! Skeletor is lord of the dance!

SAG12: Friendship in Eternia
He-Man is sleeping. Skeletor is sleeping. Grizzlor wakes up. Gwildor surprises He-Man in bed! What a surprise! Gwildor and He-Man decide to stroll leisurely in the woods. Sleepy Skeletor doesn't want to wake up! Grizzlor wakes him up. Cranky Skeletor gets angry! Grizzlor has the perfect solution!

SAG11: The Crown Heist
Uh oh! Skeletor has avoided King Randor's security! How can that be? He is about to steal the crown while good King Randor is sleeping! Vile Skeletor! He makes a run for it! Let us hope He-Man saves the day...

SAG10: Razing Anti-Climax
It is the annual Eternian Race to Snake-Mountain Competition of Great Winners! Who will win? He-Man? Skeletor? Man-at-Arms? Kobra-Khan? Nobody knows! But what happens at the castle? Skeletor teaches us all a lesson with a song.

SAG9: Sweet Dreams
Skeletor and Grizzlor are having a nap. How sleepy they are! They truly deserve the rest. But wait, what is Grizzlor dreaming about?

SAG8: The Kidnap
He-Man and Teela are dancing and kissing!
Love is in the air! Dastardly Skeletor arrives unbidden! Kidnaps Teela. He-Man must rescue her!

SAG7: Leech Suckah!
Teela is being chased by the foul Leech! She is in big trouble now! Oh no! Teela faints. Leech attacks! Valiant Extendor is harvesting berries. He is attacked by Leech! Extendor is hero of the day!

SAG6: The Dance Contest
Skeletor and He-Man cannot fight everyday! They are having a contest of dance! Poor He-Man, Roboto cannot dance very well! Oh no! Don't be jealous, He-Man!

SAG5: Ahead in Battle
What has Skeletor hidden behind the curtain? Oh no! Modulok attacks! Teela is in trouble! You know what you are doing, He-Man!

SAG4: Hate and Love
He-Man is resting against a rock. Uh oh! Skeletor attacks from above! Look out, He-Man! Hahah! Skeletor is foiled again!

SAG3: Skeletor in Crown Trouble
The dastardly Skeletor sets an ambush! He wants the crown! King Randor is in trouble now! Uh oh! Skeletor has backup!

SAG2: He-Man Saves the Day
Skeletor attacks Teela while she is harvesting berries! Help her He-Man! You're her only hope! Oh no! Not Panthor!

SAG1: Skeletor has a Party
Skeletor, Mantenna and Grizzlor are having a party! Oh no! Moss-Man attacks! Defend us Squeeze!