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For those interested in uniformology, The Final War has a special page. press here to go to the uniforms page with plates by Paul Morillon.

A. Malmström's pictures
The following pictures were made by the Swedish artist A. Malmström in the 1880's to accompany Runeberg's patriotic Fänrik Ståhl's sägner. For fast download, and memory purposes, I have resized the largest pictures and made them into GIF's. Enjoy these pictures by a great artist, because this is my way of honouring him!

Döbeln at the battle of Juthas
Döbeln and a peasant soldier
Battle in the night
Sven Dufva at Virta Bro
Taking care of the wounded
The Björneborg regt. marching
Adlercreutz looking out over the field of battle
A young lad holding a musket, all to his great delight
Fallen Swedish soldier
General Sandels studying the result of the battle
General Sandels on his white horse
Swedes charging in wooded terrain
Thinking woman
Swedish troops celebrating a victory
Swedish troops retreating
After the battle
The Russian flag flying at Sveaborg
Swedish troops charging
Swedish troops marching through the woods

A. Edelfelt's pictures
These pictures were made by Albert Edelfelt, Finland's greatest artist. Like the previous pictures these were also made as illustrations to Fänrik Ståls sägner. Many of these pictures are legendary and many of them still hang on the walls of Finnish homes as millions of copies have been made.

G.C. von Döbeln saluting
G.C. von Döbeln in the dark of night
G.C. von Döbeln leading his troops into battle
G.C. von Döbeln in front of his troops
G.C. von Döbeln being cheered by his men (Pictures like these bring your thoughts to the continent and Napoleon himself - maybe that was intended)
As you can see, Kulnev was very popular among the Finns
Cossacks attacking
Gustav IV posing in the uniform of Karl XII
Swedish officers
General Sandels
Adlercreutz at the battle of Oravais
Hard fighting going on
Lotta Svärd alongside a soldier (As model for Lotta Svärd on the real oilpainting, Edelfelt had Hanna von Born, who later became the grandmother of Olof Palme!)

Following are the portraits of some of the most important persons involved directly or indirectly in the campaign.

Alexander, the Czar of Russia
Gustav III, King of Sweden
Gustav IV Adolf, King of Sweden
Wilhelm Mauritz Klingspor
Carl Johan Adlercreutz
Georg Carl von Döbeln
Johan August Sandels
Carl Olof Cronstedt
Otto von Fieandt
Petr Ivanovitj Bagration
Jakov Petrovitj Kulnev
Nikolai Rayevskij
The author of Fänrik Ståls sägner, J.L. Runeberg

These maps are all made by the author of this website. The maps describe political situations, military operations and battles.

Map of the war with the most important battles
Sweden and its enemies 1808
The war of 1808-09
The war of 1788-90
Naval operations 1808-09
The battle of Svensksund 1790
Österbotten 1808
The battle of Siikajoki
The battle of Revolax
The battle of Nykarleby
The battle of Juthas
The Swedish summer offensive Apr.-Sept. 1808
The battle of Oravais Sept 14, 1808: Phase I
The battle of Oravais Sept 14, 1808: Phase II
The battle of Oravais Sept 14, 1808: Phase III
The battle of Oravais Sept 14, 1808: Phase IV
The battle of Virta Bro
Operations in northern Sweden 1809
The battle of Hörnefors
The terrain at Sävar
The battle of Sävar 1809
Modern Finland with the positions of the battlegrounds of 1808

Final War Mascots
Every website should have a mascot. I have created two. These are the female opponents blue-eyed Erica, in Swedish parade uniform, and Natasha, a busty blonde wearing Russian dragoon uniform.

Erica lying down
Erica standing in attention
Erica with the Swedish flag
Natasha holding a gun

Cartoon pictures
As you may have noticed, I have used cartoons to liven up this entire website. Here they all are collected.

Swedish soldier of Österbotten's regt.
Ship of the Line
Hemmema class coastal frigate
Navy gun


Larger picture of the small Final War logo
Czar Alexander's logo
Björneborg regiment's uniform
The Oravais Historical association's reenactment group
Napoleon and Alexander at Tilsit
Moscow 1812
Gustavus Adolphus and his Thirty Years' War army
Swedish crossing the Rhine during the Thirty Years' War
Charles XII (Karl XII), "Den unge hjälte"

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