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Napoleonic era weblinks

Oravais Historical Society has more information on the battle of Oravais and the war as a whole. They also have some very impressive pictures and other material here. Check out their reenactment group - the only one of its kind in Scandinavia - displaying itself in all its 1808-glory; with blazing guns and fluttering banners.

Russian generals of the Napoleonic wars has a great collection of Russian generals from this period. Some of these gentlemen took an active part in the 1808-09 war in Finland. Run by a Russian couple, this website also offers E-Mail books for you to order.

Russian cavalry of the Napoleonic wars is a site that gives us information and details on the Russian cavalry of our period.

The Napoleon Series is the Internet authority on Napoleon and his period. This enormous site boasts masses of information related to anything Napoleonic as well as a great discussion forum. There is nothing more to be said. The Napoleon Series is THE place!

The Napoleon Guide is another great Napoleonic site, where we who are interested in this era will have a lot to do. There is a discussion forum here as well. Well, my friends, it seems like we will have a lot to do from now on!

Naplinks is a great website with Napoleonic cartoons and other fun; and not only that, there is also a lot of historical information. Now we just have to wait until Cori gets back.

Napoleon Guide Online is the guide to Napoleonic resources on the Internet. There are masses of useful material here. And most of all, a lot of good links that will take you further out on Napoleonic Internet. Check this one out.

The Napoleonicwars is an excellent page made by a Swedish friend of mine. Here you'll find a lot of information on some of the greater campaigns, like on Russia in 1812, as well as all the major warring nations. Jolly good work.

Nordic history weblinks

Slaget vid Ömossa (SWE) contains information in Swedish on the battle of Ömossa during the war of 1808-09. An ambitious project, written by Harri Blomberg.

Runeberg Project is a very impressive collection of Nordic literature and art online. It even has the entire book of Fänrik Ståhls sägner, with the A. Malmström illustrations, uploaded for you to see. Give it a go!

Sverige som Stormakt is a good page with both English and Swedish information on Sweden as a Great Power. Check it out.

Swedish Army Museum has a lot of interesting information for those who are interested in Swedish military history.

National library of Finland maintains many good works online. Some of the pictures here at my website are from their out of copyright collections online.

Hans Högman's (SWE) page is a must-see for anyone who reads Swedish. He has literally masses of interesting information on "Indelningsverket", genealogy and military history in general.

Claes Bernes has some material on naval warfare and actions on his genealogy page. An excellent read!

Mannerheim online. C. G. Mannerheim is Finland's greatest military hero. He steered the country through four wars between 1917 and 1945 and then was president after the war. This is an impressive website on him, his era, career and life. Check it out at once!

The Swedish history is a beautiful website that deals with the history of Sweden. It is written by students and therefore not too heavy-going. Great reading!

Gustav III (SWE) is a project in Swedish that deals with the Life and Times of the Swedish Theatre-king Gustav III.

Svensk Historisk Forskning (SWE) is a newly started Swedish organization for historical research. Check out their website right here.

Svensk (SWE) has news on a wide variety of issues that concern Swedish history. Everything about the latest historical research can be found here. There are also masses of links to take you further out into Swedish history on the Internet. Check this one out.

Historiska (SWE) is according to the headline a Nordic historical dictionary with about 1700 characters from the Viking Age to Modern Times. Here you'll find, among other things, a list of all the rulers of Sweden as well as an excellent illustrations gallery. There are lots of excellent links here too. Great site!

Other links of interest

Histoire et Figurines has masses of information for the happy wargamer. There are also great uniform-drawings that will blow you away. This is a great effort and well worth a look.

Internet History sourcebooks project has such a lot of information and free texts for download that no Internet-surfing historian should go by it. I can really recommend reading the Roman historians Polybius and Livy, and their texts are reproduced at this impressive website.

My own websites

Napoleonix. If you liked the cartoons displayed here and there on this website, take a look at my older project. Published at crappy Geocities, you should note that Napoleonix has not been updated for quite some time.

Historical Graphics. Check out my historical graphics. These are free for you to use on your own website. This site will grow over time.

Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

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