As You notice, there is not much on this page yet, but hopefully we will find some more of these nice blow torches. Actually we have seen some of them, but it seems that for some reason, the owners think that they are worth their own weight in gold. We don't know why, but they are even more expensive than lanterns.

This is a PRIMUS 605 blow torch from 1955 (according to the stamp that says AU2). Someone had thrown this one in the trash bin, and my (Anders) father in law, picked it up from there and cleaned it up. It is in fully working condition, but we have not found any use for it yet. It is a nice looking blow torch, and it is rather big in our opinion, 26 cm high.

Finally, after having this RADIUS 55 untouched for almost a year, we tried to get it running. The pumphandle seems to be from a pair of jeans (at least it looks like that), and the tanklid is from a Primus, but everything else is marked Radius. Had to remove the pumpvalve and fix that in order to get it to hold pressure. Then the nozzle was completely filled with small stuff, preventing the fuel vapours coming out in the right direction, but after fixing these things it is working nicely. Too bad the color on the torch will get dark if we start it up again. On the right side of the handle, on the bottom rim, there is a "R" marking. Anyone that knows what that stands for?